Here you can find the slides and recording of some of my presentations.

2nd discussion session – (R)evolution of the building permit process – from paper to digital to BIM - Digital Constuction conference.

Prague, (Czech Republic), 9th November 2022

Presentation at the buildingSMART Virtual summit 2020 - Regulatory Room 2: “Show and Tell”

2nd November 2020

See the recording of the presentation.

Presentation at the WDBE2020 Pre-event “BIM-based Building Permit Process Automation Seminar”

See the event website for the recording of the presentation and a podcast interview related to the event.

Keynote presentation at the MVPBIM2019 conference

Prague (Czech Republic), 24th September 2019

Keynote presentation in the Technoheritage conference 2019

Sevilla (Spain), 27th March 2019

Related Publication:

F. Noardo, 2020. Architectural heritage information in 3D geospatial models: Developing opportunities and challenges. Science and Digital Technology for Cultural Heritage-Interdisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis, Vulnerability, Risk Assessment and Graphic Information Models: Proceedings of the 4th International Congress Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage (TechnoHeritage 2019), March 26-30, 2019, Sevilla, Spain, CRC Press, 2020, pp. 10-17.